Ethical Hacker, MCSA, VMware Certified Professional

Full Stack Developer, CyberArk Certified


I work in the Cloud creating and managing infrastructures. I like to make the IT world more secure but not at the expense of performance.

Sometimes it's difficult to explain my work to people and in the end they always say "Ah, you work with computers...I have a problem with a printer"


Thanks to long experience in the sector, I am able to offer you high added value consultancy.

Tailor-made solutions

Process optimization using customized software based on the customer's real needs.

Actual costs

Advantageous prices for each type of service.

Information integration

For timely management of their activities, we help the customer integrate our production software into their management system through careful analysis of the required data.


New types of cyber threats are discovered all the time. Contact qualified experts so you don't get caught unprepared.

Tailored development on Windows - Linux - Android

Specific services for companies that need to develop tailor-made projects.


  • San Benedetto del Tronto - Italy
  • info @ alessandroconsorti.it